Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they are made with durable, double-stitched 600 denier”Duck cloth” material. The bag may get some water in around the hitch opening in severe weather.

Just take it to a car wash with the bikes still in it to keep it full and spray it down and rinse. Let your Roadboag dry before folding for storage.

The bag itself does not lock, but they do sell locking cables that will go around the bag and bikes, along with the locks on the rack inside.



Any type rear receiver rack works. If the bikes have a slanted center tube, it is recommended to use an Adapter, that clamps under the handlebars and to under the seat,to straighten the bikes, if you are using a rack that holds the bikes by there center tube. Tray racks and racks that hold the wheels all work.

Very simply unzip and remove the back panel of the Roadbag (the one without the Logo) Then slide the front Panel (the one with the Logo) over the Bikes and zip on the back panel with the opening notch for the hitch extension.  Click here to watch a video.

Any upholstery shop can repair it.

Yes, if the Roadbag is left continuously in the direct sun light, over the years it will fade some. We recommend that you store the bag when not in use.

If the Roadbag is blocking the view of the tail lights and brake lights, DO NOT USE THE Roadbag. We recommend that if this is the case, you will need to purchase a towing light kit.

Yes. We do not supply them because we don’t know the configuration of the bikes you will be traveling with and the size will vary for each user. We recommend you find out what size you will need to connect the “D” rings and purchase them at your local hardware store. They tend to be inexpensive. Hint: Double-sided, 1 inch velcro strips look and function great, as seen in the Motorhome Mag, Sept 2015 issue. Read more here…

Yes, just bungee the bag back from the two “D” Rings at the bottom of the bag that you have already used to close the bag and that will stop any swinging affect that may happen during travel.