Sizing Guide

Measure the width of your bike from the outside edges of the handlebars while it is on the bike rack.

LT-27 For 2 Regular smaller bikes and rack 74″L x 48″H x 27″D
LT-37 For 2-3 Bikes, fits 2 Larger Bikes ie. with larger handlebars, larger rack, etc…
Best bag overall for a universal fit, including electric bikes, scooters, etc…
74″L x 48″H x 37″D
LT-47 Large, family size bikes and rack, scooters, etc… Fits 3-4 bikes 74″L x 48″H x 47″D

Cautions and Tips For Stress Points

Even though your Bikebag is constructed of Tough 600 denier canvas Take precautions. These tips will make your bag last a long time for you.

  • Remember your Bikebag is in a minor Hurricane back there!!
  • Pad any sharp points you see on the bag with: Slit Tennis Balls, foam drink coolers, etc.
  • Pad, handle bars, Peddles, bike rack stress points, Etc
  • Take caution not to over tighten the “D” Rings on the Bag.
  • Make sure to connect “ALL” the “D” Rings.
  • If your Bike Rack is a cross member hanging Rack, make sure to Bungee the bottom of the bag back, to your safety loops on your receiver, to stop bag swing, while under way.