The Roadbag idea was born one day while living and working in the Glacier Park area of Montana.

I was sitting in my office watching all these RV’s rolling through town after long trips from wherever they came. After driving through all the construction that usually happens during the Spring and Summer months in Montana, and other nasty conditions, their bikes were trashed.

Some of their bikes looked like they had been sprayed with cement. I thought to myself, what might that be doing to all the mechanical components, seats and finish of these bikes.  There must be a way to cover these bikes and protect them from the elements.

So I dove in to find a solution. The first prototype Roadbag actually came from a “Barbie Doll” bicycle purchased from K-Mart. I cut off the baskets both front and back and was left with a more standard bike profile that most people would own.  Then I designed a small tailored bag to fit it. With that complete and looking good, I scaled it up to a normal Roadbag size. I then sought after and was awarded a U.S. Patent for the design in 1998. From there we began production of both single-bike and double-bike Roadbags, Front-Fork-Mount Roadbags, and even Roadbags for Lee Iaccoca’s E-Bike (electric bike) venture.  We tailored our Roadbags to be compatible with bike racks from most major bike rack manufactures like Draw-Tite, Yakama, Sportworks and more.  Draw-Tite was by far our largest single bike rack manufacturing client.  We became a warehouse distributor for Draw-Tite and patented a Roadbag specifically to fit their bike racks. It was unique in that fit their “stop-turn-tail” light bike racks. And thus the story continues…