Lee Iacocca’s E-Bike venture was especially exciting for Roadbag.

Dave Smith Motor’s in Kellogg, Idaho is the World’s largest Dodge, Chysler, Jeep, and Ram dealer was a dealer for the E-Bike.

They were kind enough to lend us two models of the E-Bike.
One being the top of the line and the standard Model.

We designed a beautiful Roadbag that would protect them, and protect their investment.  We sent one of our Roadbags to EV-Global headquarters and they were very impressed with the quality, and the style. They enjoyed the idea of putting there Logo on the bag.

E-Bike was one of the first Electric bikes, and was a wonderful design, well ahead of it’s time.  There are many other great Electric bike companies now and we look forward to working with them and their customers.