Coeur d’Alene, Idaho – January 30, 2017

USARoadbag is proud to introduce our new 2017 FL model bike travel bag.

Our Front Load (FL) bag features the same high quality materials and craftsmanship of our other bags, but is designed in a reverse pattern. This allows those with little room between their bikes and coach to easily reach the zipper in order to install the back panel. Although using this bag adds one additional step to the install process, it also makes it much easier overall.

In addition to our current bags, the LT-27 that holds 2 bikes, LT-37 that hold 2-3 bikes and the LT-47 that holds 3-4 bikes, any of these bags can now be ordered in the new FL model.

Since 1998 USARoadbag has been manufacturing top quality bike covers for weather protection, security and safety. USARoadbag has been featured as the “Ultimate in Protection” in the Good Sam, MotorHome, Trailer Life, Country Coach, FMCA and RV Gazette (Can) magazines and on National Television. They were also the travel bag of choice for Lee Iacocca’s E-Bike (Electric Bike) of the 90s.

Made in the USA of high quality double-stitched 600 denier canvas and highly rated Lenzip zippers, they are built to resist rain, snow, wind, heat and cold. The bag design and manufacturing originated in Montana near the Canadian border. That region demanded that they be built to resist the harsh weather conditions of RV travel there.

Weather protection is an important feature we incorporate into the design of all our bags. Although they are highly water resistant, small holes at the bottom of the bag allows any water that might enter around the hitch opening to easily drain.

Safety is inherent to the design of the strong 600 denier canvas bag in that anything that could fall off the bike would be contained within the bag rather than becoming a road hazard to fellow travelers. We also include six large highly reflective webbing strips to provide better visibility to other drivers.

Call for more information on our larger bags for Motor Bikes.

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